Of the millions of websites there are online, only a good few are good at capturing eyeballs with mesmerizing content to build an engaged audience. 

I’m talking about audiences far bigger than the size of your local community.

It doesn’t matter if not all your fans are local.

What does matter is the ones who are perceive your company as the best in your field.

... Then you get the chance to prove your value, boost your online reviews and grow your customer base even more.

Let me Introduce Myself...

​Hi, my name's Robbie Bowman. I'm known in the writing kingdom just as Robbie B.

That's me on the right with my two besties. 

Marketing with expert content positions businesses as the ninjas in their vertical market. 

Problem is…

It takes phenomenal effort and time to stay on top of the latest trends in content marketing.

When I started freelance writing in 2010, simple SEO articles designed with keyword density was all it took to get websites out the trenches and onto the first page of search results.

Then things went social.

New services surfaced pushing tweets for sale, YouTube views, Facebook shares etc. all because the SEO game had changed.

These days, it’s not so much social media marketing, nor is it search marketing that’s driving results because you need the audience there before any advertising will be effective. 

For audience reach online, the industry keeps on reinventing terms. It's gone from content marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing and it's now taking the name People to People marketing - aka P2P. 

Whatever it is, it's all the same.

Always has been, always will be. 

Connecting the right content to the right people. Regardless where in the world they are.

Business is global.

I’m proof of that. Most my clients are UK based, but I work with a few firms based overseas too.

There’s no shortage of work for freelancers, but there is a lack of content marketing savviness.

My aim with the blog here at Upscale Content is to be frank about what can, can’t and shouldn’t be done with content to grow your reach online. (the shouldn’t part being the shady part – I don’t advise that)

When I’m referred any new clients, my first question is this…

What’s your goal for this content?

You wouldn’t believe the amount of what d’ya mean responses.

So I politely ask…

  • Do you want more readers?
  • Social shares?
  • Leads?
  • Authority?

Helps to know what you want.

On the subject of authority, here’s a pet peeve of mine...

When a potential client tells me they want content written that positions them as thought leaders.

I've been told before "penny for your thoughts" but it's never actually happened.

Thoughts don’t bring in the money!

The only thing that matters for any content a business puts out is that it has measureable results attached to it.

Phones ringing is one thing, but growth of an email list, decent click throughs and actions being taken on any piece of content is what needs to be happening for results to come.

At the end of all content you’re putting out there, should be a call to action, no matter how weak, cos it can always be tweaked.

My aim with UpscaleContent.com is to provide weekly advice on the topic of content/digital marketing, geared towards local business owners, because that’s what I know.

Upscale Content is here to bring online marketing advice to the local business owners who need to know how to make digital marketing work for audience growth, leading to sales growth.

Grow the audience first… focus on conversions from there.

If you need any advice, email me: [email protected]

I still do freelance writing work too. You can find out about hiring me here.