Blogging and Beauty Sector Commonalities

The power of content is immense. In some ways, I’d say you can compare it to the beauty sector. Think about all those anti-aging creams women spend a fortune on and ask yourself why.

Doesn’t matter if that’s not your thing.

Just think about it for a second.

Now picture this...

Pots of cream from a world-renowned brand name going on sale at a knockdown price… the queues are out the door.

It’s a buying frenzy!

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Top 3 Reasons for Blogging (Hint: it’s not strictly business)

I have to admit, starting this blog was to support my business. Since then, focus has shifted.

This isn’t just a future central hub of information…

It’s a massive tool for networking.

Looking at all the many blogs out there, there’s only one thing separating the seasoned pros from the downright amateurs.

The A-listers are connected.

They’re not blogging.

They’re doing outreach.

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